What I have learnt from #NTFM



Finally, it’s the end of semester two and its time to let the blogging world know what I’ve learnt from new technology for marketers. The main I’ve learnt from ntfm is it’s made me more aware of how important the use of technology is in the marketing industry. New technology is the main stream of providing information for the business, communicating b2b and b2c and promoting their business through the use of social media.

This is an interesting video that discusses how important technology is to a business and explains why it is used very well:  

During this module it has come to my attention that businesses have to spend a surprisingly large anount of money on technology whether its on hiring someone to monitor the companies social networking sites or on equiptment that is essential in the making of the business. The majority of businesses these days have a social network account on facebook, twitter, pinterest or LinkedIn. I have found that whether they have an account on one of these social networks its useless unless it is active and updated regularly. If I like a page on facebook that might be a local company or my faveourite shop if it has a low number of likes im more inclined to unlike it as I know its probably never updated and doesnt offer competitions to their “friends” like other businesses do.

Throughout this module iv found it very useful and i know it will help in years to come in future jobs.





#hashtag……becoming the most overused and annoying word of the 21st century yet it’s used by everyone for everything. I am one of these people who is allergic to Facebook posts that have a hashtag in their posts but yet I seem to spend 50% of my day varying between twitter and Facebook.

Twitter is definitely 100% more addictive then Facebook in my eyes. The ability  to tweet over 100 times a day with no one getting annoyed and probably not many people reading is one of the main reasons twitter is becoming so addictive. The ability to rant and rave about anything and everything in less then 140 characters is really why I am addicted to twitter. A simple #hashtag that doesn’t even make sense in the sentence or isn’t a grammatically correct is what twitter is all about. #annoyed #goodnight

The popular phenomenal that is hashtagging is taking over 9% of what is talked about on twitter, which is higher than politics and news. Hashtagging is very useful for businesses as they can search for their company to see who and if anyone is talking about them by #businessname.  

What makes me so addicted to twitter is following real celebrities and knowing what they’re doing and what their thoughts are. the ability to tweet them back and the chance of them retweeting you or replying also adds a little thrill to the addiction of tweeting.

Surfing the web in a filter bubble


I like my own Filter bubble……I like seeing only what I want to see and what I want to know. I like the ability of hiding useless information that comes up on my newsfeed so I don’t have to waste my time reading things I don’t care about. Some people feel the need to constantly put up pictures of their faces or their animals or their cars??

Same when I go onto my amazon account it shows me items that are relevant to my recently searched and bought products. A lot of my searches are phone covers so every time I go onto amazon they show me phone covers….I don’t even have to type it into the search bar…..the lazy way out.

I also like on the online shops they have recommended for you……this is helpful as I also don’t care about what’s new in the menswear!!!

I understand how some people may find it a bad thing as it is narrowing your mind and you mightbe missing out on news or opportunities but at the end of the day its your choice!!!!

this was an interesting read http://www.thefilterbubble.com/


Facebook is taking over the world!!!!


Facebook is 100% taking over the world!! It started off in 2004 as an unknown face judging website made by mark Zuckerberg and was only used in Harvard University. It now has over 1 billion users. It’s available on phones as well as tablets, ipads, laptops, ipods etc. Facebook is becoming irresistible!! I know very few people who aren’t continuously signed into Facebook or who isn’t continuously refreshing their newsfeed. Only a few years ago a very popular saying to someone you love was you are the last thing on my mind at night and the first thing on my mind in the morning…..now that only refers to Facebook!!!

Gone are the days of having to watch the weather report on t.v, now all you need to do is log in to Facebook and you’ll know immediately if its snowing, sunny, raining, its gotten colder or if there’s a thunderstorm. Likewise, all news stations have Facebook pages and update the latest stories on their Facebook page. Finding out all the celeb gossip is also a craze on Facebook. I personally have “liked” Kim kardashians Facebook page and if there’s anything new to know about her I see it immediately. Also her tweets is linked straight to her Facebook page so I don’t even have to follow her on twitter.

In recent years with the Irish economic climate a lot of young people have migrated to Australia and Canada. A decade ago people would have to wait for the postman to deliver the photographs sent from family members who live abroad, now, once there’re uploaded on Facebook friends and family see them immediately. Also, e-mails were the only source of immediate contact besides phone calls, now you can have an instant online chat with people abroad on Facebook. You can also Facetime which is the same as Skype but through Facebook chat.

This is only the beginning of Facebook. It’s taking over the world.